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Of Centerless Grinder VS centerless cylindrical grinder agen

时间:2012-04-19 11:00

Centerless Grinder VS centerless cylindrical grinder agency performance:

1、Short replication time of a centerless grinding machine for processing, no retraction, workpiece clamping and high productivity。

2、centerless grinder bracket and the guide wheel positioning mechanism than ordinary cylindrical grinder top, center frame bodies bearing rigidity is good, cutting the amount of, and slender shaft workpiece processing, easy to implement high-speed grinding and strong ground cut。

3、 rely on cylindrical centerless cylindrical grinding machine workpiece positioning mechanism positioning the grinding amount is the workpiece diameter on the margin, so the wear of the grinding wheel feed mechanism of compensation and cut into the bodies repeat positioning accuracy error on the part diameter size precision impact. Of only ordinary cylindrical grinder half without playing the center hole and easy to advance on the cutting automation.

4、Through institutions, the wide wheel centerless grinder can be used to increase each allowance, in the grinding of the cut complex surfaces in turn shaped grinding or multi-wheel grinding, high productivity, wide application.

5、centerless cylindrical grinder the relative position accuracy (concentricity, perpendicularity, etc。) of organizations to ensure that the grinding surface grinding surface grinding weeks to intermittent outer surface roundness poor。

6、 Centerless grinder grinding surface is easy to produce odd on several occasions edge roundness, such as large, often resulting in the measured size is less than the maximum physical size illusion, which might affect the assembly quality and performance。

7、 centerless grinder machine adjustment is more complex, time-consuming replacement of the diameter of the workpiece need red adjust bracket height, distance and the relevant process parameters. Therefore, adjustment of the technical difficulty is not suitable for small batch and single-piece production.

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